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We’ve told you about the trails that lead you to the top of New Mexico, but do you know about the much more exhilarating paths down to the bottom? Northern New Mexico has arguably the most comprehensive rafting options in the country, with rafts for all ages and speeds.

Starting with the fastest, whitest water you can get, the Taos Box rapids wind through canyons and valleys with runs named Dead Car and Pinball. While it is a rush, the beginning and middle of the trip allow for relaxation to get your sea legs under you, stop for lunch and take in the pristine nature views around every meander. Rafters will tell you this might be the greatest full day rafting trip in the country.

The trip with the most name-recognition potential is claimed by the Rio Grande Gorge. The perfect combination of length, adventure, nature, thrills and Rio Grande experience, this full day trip appeals to every age in one way or the other. Wildlife viewing is guaranteed along the way as well as ancient Rio Grande style petroglyph, also known as rock art from earlier civilizations.

The Racecourse Half Day trip is perfect for getting in the whitewater experience in all its glory. This particular one is the most popular rafting trip in New Mexico. For a few hours, groups work together to paddle in and out of currents and boulders for the ideal rafting adrenaline rush. Only a mile away from the New Mexico River Adventures headquarters, look no further than this course for your group of adventurers.

All courses have availability every single day through September, so catch a ride while you can! Visit the website here to plan your trip outdoors this fall. And if rafting doesn’t get you going, a myriad of other options along the river are right at your fingertips, including kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding and more.

And after a day on the water, there is no greater feeling than melting into a soft bed back at El Pueblo Lodge in Taos and reminiscing on the experience of a lifetime you and your friends and family just experienced. So, come on down! Rapidly or not, there’s something for everyone all year long.

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