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We’ve always been comfortable being challenged and exploring uncharted territory in Taos. But this past spring and summer has definitely been the most challenging adventure of all. Sometimes, we’ll admit, we wish we had a compass to get us through it.

With tourism halted and emergency public health mandates announced, the year of 2020 will be considered the lost year that everyone remembers in Taos’ very long history. We love travelers and encourage them to “live like a local” amongst us. So, while many visitors’ trips were thwarted this year, there are always opportunities to get a little taste of Taos.

Taos’ downtown plaza and shopping opportunities bring people from all over the country and world to browse and take home some of the most intriguing Southwestern boutique artistry and products. From award-winning jewelry to one-of-a-kind handmade artwear, Taos’ businesses have taken to online markets to provide you what you’ve been missing this year.

Browse the most local Taos accessories and products found nowhere else in the world below:

Artemisia Taos

Stylish and colorful artwear alongside bold accessories that no one else can say they have.

Taos Honey & Taos Bee

Both local bee hives and honey products around Taos who, of course, are here to #SaveTheBees


Fine works of art, jewelry ceramics and more from and for discerning eyes.

Taos Mountain Outfitters

For the adventure-seekers, the wanderers and explorers, giving the people living in and visiting Taos what they need to appreciate all its wonder.

All of these shops are also open operating in downtown Taos. We at El Pueblo are also open and operating here with the most attention to detail in mind when it comes to safety and comfort for all our guests. That’s our promise to you and the lovely people of Taos. Thank you for your interest and support in 2020, the year without a compass.

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