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Taos Artists; Old and New

“In the magnificent fierce morning of New Mexico, one sprang awake, a new part of the soul woke up suddenly and the old world gave way to the new.”

These words were spoken by the world-renowned author D.H. Lawrence after he visited Taos for the first time in September 1922. Many creative minds over the years have been just as amazed by the natural beauty of Taos. That inspiration has found its way into countless art pieces, from paintings and sculptures to ceramics and woven art pieces over centuries.

We’d love to spotlight a handful of historical and contemporary homegrown artists from Taos who have inspired us as much as the town and surrounding landscape have inspired them. These artists’ creative endeavors, each with their own distinct flair, have become woven into the long history of artistic expression renowned within this region. You can still find many of their pieces around Taos to this day!

Ernest Blumenschein was an illustrator, painter and Taos resident from the 1920s-1960s. His wagon’s wheel broke down outside of town in 1898 en route to Mexico, and he was instantly enamored by the friendly residents and gorgeous views. He was known as a founding member of the Society of Artists, a group of painters who depicted the American Southwest and Native American residents of Taos in a light meant to inform the rest of the world of their serene way of life and the beauty of the landscape. He has several paintings on display in Taos, including at the Harwood Museum of Art and the Taos Art Museum at Fechin House, both within a short walking distance from our El Pueblo Lodge.

While not an artist herself, Mabel Dodge Luhan was responsible for attracting many artists to Taos as a patron of the arts. She resided in Taos for 45 years, and some of her most renowned guests included the previously quoted writer D.H. Lawrence, painter Georgia O’Keeffe and photographer Ansel Adams, among others. Her house, The Mabel Dodge Luhan House, has been designated as a National Historic Landmark in Taos. You can still tour the main rooms and get a glimpse into this artistic era with its numerous works and sculptures still on display in and around the property. Better yet, it’s only a 5-minute drive from our lodge.

Agnes Martin was an abstract expressionist and minimalist painter who lived and worked in Taos from the 1940s onward, moving here permanently in the early 1990s. The soft and bright lines of Taos’ natural surroundings found their way into her pale, grid-based works. She was part of the “Taos Moderns,” an influx of modernist artists from cities such as New York and San Francisco who relocated to Taos and influenced each other’s works as much as the land influenced theirs. The Harwood Museum of Art in Taos hosts the Agnes Martin Gallery, a permanent exhibition that Agnes helped design and currently houses 7 works for viewing. She even had a hand in designing the gallery benches.

Maye Torres is a contemporary 13th-generation Taos-born artist who has reached global acclaim, with her drawings and sculptures on display in private and public collections worldwide. She’s created art in various mediums, from detailed graphite sketches to full-scale bronze sculptures. Torres has claimed her art has taken influence from the many places she’s lived, including El Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia and Taos, with its already-established art scene and culture. She also owns a contemporary art gallery called Studio 107B, located on the north side of the Historic Taos Plaza, which showcases local New Mexican art and has a range of rotating exhibitions year-round. We recommend a stop the next time you’re in the heart of Taos!

What we love about Taos

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we have been ruminating on the love we have for our very own Taos. With such elegant natural scenery and eclectic culture intertwined with the romantic backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, it’s no wonder Taosenos have such an emotional relationship with the land and have continued to feel inspired by its history and heritage. Here are just a few of our favorite things about Taos;

The Starry Skies
At 7,000 feet of elevation, Taos is a lot closer to the heavens than some might think, and on a clear night, the expanse of stars that illuminates the sky is nothing short of a galactic love letter to us here on Earth. Several “Dark Sky” spots around New Mexico are renowned for their nighttime clarity including Fort Union National Monument located about 2 hours south of Taos as well as Valles Caldera National Preserve located about an 1 hour 50 minutes drive southwest. Happy stargazing!

The Fiery Sunsets
300+ cloudless days a year in Taos makes for many amazing opportunities to kick back and watch the setting sun put on a show. Ablaze with the same hues as the local Rio Grande Cottonwoods turning color, the sun bids Taos a goodnight kiss with its crimson lipstick.

The Range of Activities
As much as we love to sit and marvel at Taos, we also love to explore every corner of it in search of adventure! From fly fishing and rafting down the nearby Rio Grande Gorge to biking and hiking through the flora and fauna of New Mexico’s high desert and mountain ranges, Taos offers many different paths to fall in love with the natural ecological beauty of the surrounding terrain.

The Diverse Festivals
Lovers of music, art, dance and food are in luck- Taos plays host to a wide range of festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate its storied heritage and artistic presence. Catch the Taos Fall Arts Festival (September 4-15) to witness a showcasing of both local and international art forms with an emphasis placed on strengthening Taos’ artist community, or come tap your boots and twirl around at The Big Barn Dance Festival kicking off (September 5-7) in Kit Carson Park; a weekend of fun sure to include a lively roster of Americana, Country, Folk and Bluegrass artists. If something quieter but still awe-inspiring is more your speed, the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally from (October 25-27) is a must-see for early risers. Look to the skies throughout the weekend as a plethora of brightly colored hot air balloons inflate to meet the dawning Taos sunrise.

Meet the Folks at Taos Folk

The beauty and pride of Taos is that it has always had its own identity. We live in Taos and travelers visit here because it’s unlike anywhere else in the world. And an enormous piece of our identity shines through art.

Our famous annual pop-up event, Taos Folk kicks off Yuletide in Taos. Starting November 18, 2023 and open every single day through Christmas Eve, Taos Folk showcases a dizzying variety of local handcrafted gifts made by Taoseños themselves. Located in the Stables Gallery daily from 11 to 5, everyone staying in or driving through town should stop and see what speaks to them.

You’ll find gifts and items include pottery, ceramics, naturally dead clothing, home décor, makeup, lotions, jewelry, books, music, and more. Over 50 artists line the Gallery for the holiday season, bringing in new visionaries and memorable pieces on display each year.

If you enjoy taking mementos to remember a place or gift to someone who reminds you of travel, Taos Folk perfectly represents this magical place. Like Taos itself, you’ll find things and folks you’ve never seen anywhere else at Taos Folk. And we love it that way.

New Mexico-Style BBQ Sauce

July is peak barbecue season in the US. Like with everything in Taos, we put our own New Mexico spin on things. With that said, we present you El Pueblo-style BBQ sauce.

Pull this together for your barbecue at any other point this summer. It’s a can’t-miss local take on a classic.

What you’ll need:

Step 1

In a small bowl, combine red or green chile powder, red chile flakes, pepper, garlic and cumin.

Step 2

In a separate bowl, combine 2 parts red or green chile sauce with 1 part your barbecue sauce.

Step 3

Dry rub the mix from Step 1 on whatever your meat of choice is and sear on the stove or grill over medium-high heat.

Step 4

Pour sauce from Step 2 over meat in a roasting pan and bake or smoke until meat is tender.

And that’s all there is to it! If you want an El Pueblo Pro-Tip, get both red and green chile powder and sauce and go half-and-half. Then you’ll have Christmas in July. Happy grilling!

A Taos Ski Valley Summer

Taos Ski Valley makes its name in the winter months when, well, it’s ski season. But those mountains aren’t moving any time soon, and they’re equally moveable–and conquerable–in the summertime. We’ve put together a few itineraries for whatever your ideal Taos Ski Valley adventure looks like.


The best trail in the Taos Ski Valley gets two for the price of one. Hiking to Wheeler Peak via the Williams Lake Trail is a moderately challenging hike that offers rewards all along the route. An out-and-back trail that culminates with the tallest point in New Mexico, this trail is 8.5 miles of dog-friendly, hiker-trafficked adventure.


If hiking doesn’t get your gears going quite like trail running does, we have another–arguably more scenic–trail for you. The Middle Fork Lake Trail is a 5.4-mile out-and-back trail with a gradual grade and 1,200 feet of elevation gain. Middle Fork Lake at your halfway point is one of the prettiest places around Taos that will surely warrant a rest and hydration break.

Mountain Biking

As an intermediate trail, the East Fork to Lost Lake loop is described as New Mexico’s best singletrack ride. A 2,327-foot climb over 14 miles of high alpine terrain is not for the faint of heart–or beginner, either. Unreal scenery highlighted by views of Lost Lake reminds you why you do this in the first place.

Rock Climbing

Any chance to point visitors toward the Rio Grande Gorge is taken advantage of. Just a 15-minute drive from El Pueblo, the Rio Grande Gorge has some of the best bouldering in Northern New Mexico. From Panorama Wall to the Pilar Area, there are bouldering opportunities for both experts and novices.

The Grass Is Greener at Kit Carson Park

A Taos summer tradition is returning down the street at Kit Carson Park. Music & Movies on the Green is back for 2023! Every Wednesday night from June 7 to August 9, Kit Carson Park will show a movie on the grass for free.

The movies shown are family-focused, but this wonderful community event appeals to all ages, with local food vendors and live music also surrounding Kit Carson Park. The movies start showing at 6pm and live music ramps up later in the evening.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join our community’s this summer. Bring your picnic blankets and chairs and enjoy the magic of a Taos summer night. If you don’t have a blanket to sit on, ask the El Pueblo front desk and we’d be happy to help.

See you down the block real soon!

Taos Sans Skiing

People come to Taos from all over the world to explore our gorgeous area with specific interests in mind. During the winter months, many are here for the sights and the great skiing. But, if you’re not keen on the sport, don’t fret! Taos provides a variety of other ways to enjoy our winter wonderland without the need for a chair lift. Below are the top 5 Taos winter activities for the non-skiers.

Find a Rink
Lace-up and get on that rink! Open 2 pm to 8 pm daily (pending weather) The Eis Haus Skating Rink is located in the lower plaza at Taos Ski Valley. Whether you’re carving figure eights or just trying to stay upright, ice skating in Taos makes for a magical winter adventure.

Jump on the Trails
Sometimes there’s no better way to get the lay of the land than to jump on a snowmobile and go explore. Our friends at Big Al’s Snowmobile offer a guided snowmobile tour through the beautiful Taos Ski Valley. A little background – Big Al has lived here for over 37 years, he knows the Taos Ski Valley inside and out. He will guide you through some of the most beautiful, snow-filled trails you have ever seen.

Wander a Museum
If you’re looking to sprinkle in a little culture while still staying warm, pop into one of Taos’ many museums. Step back into the 1850s by touring Taos’ Oldest Museum featuring many items from the Kit Carson Estate or spend a few hours exploring the extensive showcasing of Hispanic artists at the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Belly Up
You’d probably never know it, but the microbrewery revolution is alive and active in Taos. If you’re looking to keep those feet warm but don’t mind a frosty glass of beer, consider popping over to Taos Mesa Brewing’s Taproom where you can enjoy a delicious bite and a local brew. If you can’t decide on just one selection, go ahead and ask for their beer flight.

Take a soak
If your travel companions are hitting the slopes for the day, treat yourself to a relaxing day at the lodge. You can start by throwing on your swimsuit and taking a long soak in a 104-degree outdoor hot tub! Enjoy a nice book and a cup of hot chocolate while taking in the scenery of our property.

Taos for the Holidays

While Taos has proven to be a magical place all year long, it truly sparkles during the holiday season. And to give that “home away from home” feeling, we at El Pueblo Lodge love to set a cozy holiday scene for guests to enjoy.

In addition to spreading holiday cheer through our decorations around the grounds and inside our lobby, we also have a few traditions. Keeping with classic Christmas tradition, we leave out fresh baked cookies for all guests to enjoy – not just Santa. On Christmas Eve and Day, overnight guests are treated to our signature green chile stew, home-made tamales and pumpkin pie.

For those looking to get out and enjoy the festivities, check in with our front desk and learn about the fun things planned for Yuletide in Taos during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and through the New Year. Stay warm and Happy Holidays!


You’ll Love Yuletide in Taos

If you haven’t heard by now, Taos does things differently than most other places. And one of our proudest traditions is our month-long holiday celebration known as Yuletide in Taos. Yuletide is the entire holiday season that includes every unique New Mexico tradition you have and haven’t heard of.

They say Yuletide begins each year on Thanksgiving, but Taoseños feel the holiday season spirit when Taos Folk pops up at Stables Art Gallery on November 18. Taos Folk is all things festive in classic Taos fashion, including local handmade goods from jewelry to candles.

The festivities officially ramp up for the 36th Annual Yuletide Tree Lighting in Taos Plaza on December 2. Mayor Maestas will flip the lights on with the entire Taos community and celebrate December in northern New Mexico.

While the entire month is an experience unlike any other, the most magical holiday event is on the holiday itself. The Christmas Eve Procession at Taos Pueblo features large bonfires and countless farolitos to light up the parade in a spiritual event of heritage and community. On Christmas Day, the ancient ceremonial Taos Pueblo Deer or Matachinas Dance honors the depths of winter. But sorry, no cameras or phones are allowed. Perfect to experience this ceremony with your own two eyes in the moment.

Yuletide in Taos wraps up with the New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade and Fireworks. Watch skiers glide down Taos Ski Valley holding torches under the starry skies while fireworks illuminate the brightness and joy another Yuletide brought to our community. But don’t just read it from us! See Yuletide in Taos for yourself this holiday season.

Wake Up, Up and Away

One of the most captivating human spectacles Taos has to offer is back this weekend! The 39th Annual Taos Mountain Balloon Rally is back this year for three dawns in October. Each morning after dawn from Friday, October 28 to Sunday October 30, hot air balloons will light up the colorful desert sky. This event, repeated every year since 1983, is enjoyed by Taoseños and travelers from far and wide.

On Friday, the initial “Mini-Ascension” will commence at 8am, followed by tether rides for the kids a few minutes later. From 5pm to 9pm, we’ll have a Meet & Greet with the pilots and sponsors. While New Mexico is famous for its sprawling hot air balloon spectacles, the Taos Rally is a more intimate event, with 35-50 crews invited each year.

On Saturday is the first Mass Ascension launch, where all the crews take off and dot the skies for nearly an hour and a half. Taos is out and about all day, with “Balloomenshine” capping off the day’s festivities around 5:30pm. Because the Rally happens each year on the last weekend of October, every Saturday, the kids come around and “basket or treat” at each balloon.

To finish a memorable weekend strong, one last Mass Ascension takes flight around 7:45am on Sunday. Closing Ceremonies thank everyone for coming out to the TMBRA field on Albright Street behind the Taos County Court House. We hope you plan on stopping by and burning the ignition on both ends this weekend from dawn til dusk. You can’t miss it. Just look up.

It’s Chile Season

Chiles are an essential food to Taos and New Mexico as a state. Technically a fruit, the chile is the official state vegetable of the Land of Enchantment. So much so, that New Mexico has been dubbed the “Chile Capital of the World.” And the state’s number one cash crop is in season right now, through the end of the month.

Chiles are indigenous to North America. New Mexico Pueblo tribes have been cultivating chile for thousands of years, and the Spanish immediately added the versatile ingredient to their meals upon their arrival in 1540.

But the most important fact you need to know about New Mexico chiles is your answer to the all-important question: red or green? It’s quite literally the “official state question” here. But psst – we’ll let you in on a little secret–red chiles are just ripened green chiles. But they have two very different tastes and uses. And answering the question may be more complicated than you assume. You can also answer “Christmas,” which means equal parts red and green chile.

Chiles are present in almost every iteration of a meal you can imagine in New Mexico. From the expected classics like chiles rellenos to the inventive mouth-waterers like green chile cheeseburgers, every food spot from Taos to Las Cruces will have plenty of chiles in both colors to try.

Here at El Pueblo, we get in on chile season as well. Our fan favorite breakfast option is no doubt the green chile and tamales. And on Saturday nights, our kitchen serves green chile stew for any guests of the hotel. If you’re thinking about stopping by Taos this chile season, we have plenty to prepare your palate. But trust us, you can’t go wrong anywhere in the Chile Capital of the World.

The Most Important Meal in Taos

There are so many reasons to choose El Pueblo Lodge for your Taos adventure. A central location on Paseo del Pueblo Norte helps, but it’s also what goes on within our walls that enhances the Land of Enchantment–breakfast.

Our El Pueblo Lodge breakfast has been a guest favorite for as long as we’ve been open. Our secret? Generous and complimentary self-service. While that may not sound too different than a standard hotel breakfast, ours is truly rooted in that southwest style.

Locally sourced green chiles, tamales, burritos and beans headline the hot options every day of the week. Fresh fruit bowls and juices complement the complimentary options as well. Also, fresh breakfast sandwiches have become a hit and are here to stay.

The meals are exclusive to hotel guests only, creating a unique El Pueblo stamp on your Taos stay. Whether you’re exploring Taos for multiple days or just stopping by on your Southwest road trip, make sure you refuel with us in the mornings. Your hunger will thank you.