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It’s Chile Season

Chiles are an essential food to Taos and New Mexico as a state. Technically a fruit, the chile is the official state vegetable of the Land of Enchantment. So much so, that New Mexico has been dubbed the “Chile Capital of the World.” And the state’s number one cash crop is in season right now, through the end of the month.

Chiles are indigenous to North America. New Mexico Pueblo tribes have been cultivating chile for thousands of years, and the Spanish immediately added the versatile ingredient to their meals upon their arrival in 1540.

But the most important fact you need to know about New Mexico chiles is your answer to the all-important question: red or green? It’s quite literally the “official state question” here. But psst – we’ll let you in on a little secret–red chiles are just ripened green chiles. But they have two very different tastes and uses. And answering the question may be more complicated than you assume. You can also answer “Christmas,” which means equal parts red and green chile.

Chiles are present in almost every iteration of a meal you can imagine in New Mexico. From the expected classics like chiles rellenos to the inventive mouth-waterers like green chile cheeseburgers, every food spot from Taos to Las Cruces will have plenty of chiles in both colors to try.

Here at El Pueblo, we get in on chile season as well. Our fan favorite breakfast option is no doubt the green chile and tamales. And on Saturday nights, our kitchen serves green chile stew for any guests of the hotel. If you’re thinking about stopping by Taos this chile season, we have plenty to prepare your palate. But trust us, you can’t go wrong anywhere in the Chile Capital of the World.

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