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You’ve Come to the Right (Fire) Place

After a day of traveling and exploring everything Taos has to offer in the chilly winter weather, there’s no better feeling than a warm room and cozy bed. El Pueblo Lodge not only has guest rooms with real wood-burning fireplaces, but kiva fireplaces, in true New Mexico fashion.

Here’s the 101 on everything Kiva. These distinguishable fireplaces have become a signature design element in southwestern architecture. The origin of the word “kiva” comes from Pueblo cultures dating back to the 8th century. Kivas were circular underground meeting places used for religious and spiritual ceremonies as well as other important gatherings. This style, along with countless other architectural designs, was adopted into contemporary use.

Kiva fireplaces are built deliberately for style and practicality. The broad base of the fireplace allows more heat to radiate around the bottom, heating the room longer and more efficiently. The narrow flume consolidates smoke for quicker ventilation. Traditional kivas, like the ones featured in many of our rooms, contain a nicho, a recessed mantle cut into the wall used for decorations, and a banco, a bench around the base of the fireplace.

The difference in heat distribution from kiva fireplaces is very noticeable from other modern fireplace options. The southwest history and design just add to its allure. We promise a warm welcome and an even warmer stay at El Pueblo Lodge.

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