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Have No Compass

While perusing our website or Instagram feed, you may have noticed the phrase “Have No Compass.” On a few occasions, we’ve been asked what that phrase means.

Well, for anyone that has ever been to Taos before, you know what a special place it really is. Our colorful community is a mecca for everything arts and culture – being a shine to Southwestern style. So many visitors unintentionally find their way to our front doors, and say “this place is so cute, do have any rooms available?” After offering them a fresh baked cookie, we chat about their travels and welcome them to Taos!

Here’s what we’ve gathered: whether they were on a simple day trip from Santa Fe or taking part in an ambitious road trip of the Southwest, there’s one thing these visitors all have in common – the unique desire for wanderlust in their lives. Those that proudly wander with no real intention and no final destination. There’s no better place than Taos to do just that.

This makes us believe that we’re a story of the wanderer, the curious traveler and the adventurer. We proudly offer accommodations to those that have no particular direction but absolutely fall in love with our charming little town.

We welcome you to switch off your GPS, tuck away that compass and explore everything Taos has to offer.

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